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How to Install a Car Battery

Car battery installation is a simple process, but it’s important to get every step just right. Be sure you have the necessary supplies and safety gear handy before you get started. If you’re prepared to tackle car battery installation yourself, how about calling up a VW service center for a few tips from the professionals? Alternatively, just schedule VW service near Kansas City — and we’ll have you up and running ASAP. Keep reading to learn how to install a car battery at home in Blue Springs.



Car Battery Installation Supplies

To ensure your car battery installation goes smoothly, double-check that you have all necessary supplies and personal safety equipment before you begin. If you’re missing something, swing by our service center in Lee's Summit or order parts and supplies directly to your door. Here’s what you’ll need on hand:

DIY Car Battery Installation Tools and Supplies

  • New battery
  • Wire brush
  • Wrench / battery wrench
  • Pliers
  • Battery cleaning solution / baking powder
  • Anti-corrosion spray

DIY Car Battery Installation Personal Protective Equipment

  • Thick rubber gloves
  • Safety glasses

How to Install a Car Battery At Home

  1. Park your car, engage the parking brake, and cut the ignition.
  2. Open the hood and locate the battery. In most vehicles, the battery is under a protective hood that you lift to access the terminals.
  3. Find the negative terminal (marked “-”) and the negative (black) cable.
  4. Loosen the negative cable nut with your wrench. With the nut loosened, twist the cable and pull it off. If it will not come away easily, don’t use another tool like a screwdriver to force it off. This could damage the battery!
  5. Following the same steps, loosen the red cable nut and remove the cable from the positive terminal.
  6. Find the battery hold-down clamps and loosen them.
  7. You’re now ready for car battery removal. Carefully lift and remove the battery with both hands. Make sure you have someplace secure to put it, as batteries are heavy and dropping one may cause an unsafe leak.
  8. Use a baking powder solution or battery cleaning solution to remove any corrosion in the battery tray and hold-down clamp.
  9. Clean the battery cable connectors with a wire brush and the same cleaning solution you used above.
  10. Now, pick up your new battery and place it in the battery tray. Re-tighten the hold-down clamp.
  11. Before reconnecting, spray anti-corrosion solution on the positive and negative terminals to help extend battery life.
  12. Connect the red cable to the positive terminal.
  13. Connect the black cable with the negative terminal.
  14. Check that the cable connections are secure, and that the battery is securely clamped into the battery tray.
  15. Start the car. You’ve just successfully performed a DIY car battery installation!

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