Here Are Some Helpful Tips for The New Teen Drivers

MirrorTeen drivers account for more car accidents than any other age group. It makes sense. After all, you’re the newest to the road. There are, however, plenty of ways to ensure that you are a safe and defensive driver every time you get behind the wheel.

Don’t Text and Drive

In fact, don’t pick up your phone at all while you’re driving. Texting causes you to lose your focus on the road. In four quick seconds, you could drive the length of a football field. A lot can happen during those four seconds if your attention is on your phone rather than on the road. Even texting while stopped at a red light can be dangerous because you won’t notice any changes in the vehicles around you during this time.

It’s also important to note that it may not only be unsafe, but it also may be unlawful in your state to text and drive. Many states have created laws banning cell phone use at any time while you’re behind the wheel.

Minimize All Other Distractions

It’s not just texting or using your phone that can distract you on the road. Eating, drinking, changing the radio station, or playing music loudly while driving are all factors that can cause your mind or vision to wander away from the road. Distractions significantly increase your chances of losing control of your vehicle. When distracted, you won’t notice any impending danger until it’s too late.

Don’t Speed

Speeding is one of the leading causes of accidents for teens. It is especially tempting to speed on highways when the other traffic is zipping past you. Don’t feel pressured to keep up with any other vehicles. Mind the speed limit not only for your safety, but to avoid getting a speeding fine. Speeding tickets are very costly and they can also dramatically increase the cost of your auto insurance.

Don’t Drive With Your Friends

When you are first learning how to drive on your own, be careful about how many people you have in your car. Friends and other teens can massively distract you while you’re driving, and while it may seem fun, it can be very dangerous for everyone in the vehicle.

Gain confidence and experience driving solo first. After a few months, try driving with one of your friends, but be sure to stay focused on the road.

Pay Attention to the Weather

Poor weather conditions significantly change the way you and your car react to different stimuli. Since you are a new driver, you are still gaining experience in different weather conditions. Be cautious; drive slower in rain, snow, and icy conditions; and give yourself even more distance between you and the car in front of you. If you don’t feel comfortable, find a safe place to pull over or wait out the weather before setting off anywhere.

Learning to drive is a big responsibility. It’s a skill you need to constantly sharpen and learn more about, even as you become a more experienced driver. For further questions – even about replacing the battery on your Chrysler’s key fob – contact us today.

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