5 Exhaust Problems You Shouldn’t Ignore

December 14th, 2017 by

Exhaust ProblemsVehicle problems can occur at any time, and knowing the signs and symptoms can keep a little problem from turning into a larger and more expensive one. When it comes to exhaust problems, your car will most likely give you signals that a problem is about to occur. Below are five exhaust problems you never should ignore.

Engine Noise

While each engine makes its own unique set of noises while running, any change or increase should be investigated. One of the jobs of your car’s exhaust system is to reduce the noise in the engine, so when it begins leaking, a large rumbling noise may begin to occur. If noise is your symptom, you will probably want to have the exhaust manifold checked out for leaks as well as the rest of the joints in the exhaust system.

Less Fuel Efficiency

As your car ages, you may lose the miles per gallon gas efficiency you used to have, but if you notice a sudden decrease in your overall fuel efficiency, it may be time to check out your exhaust system. When an exhaust system leaks, fumes may be carried away, causing your engine to run at a hotter temperature. In turn, this reduces your fuel efficiency, costing you more at the pump.

Increased Vibrations

Some cars may have mild vibrations as they age, but when there are complications in the exhaust system, these vibrations will become much more pronounced and noticeable. With smaller exhaust leaks, you will begin to feel shaking most often in the steering wheel as well as the gas pedal. As the leak begins to get larger, the whole car may begin to experience vibrations, and at this point, you may have a significant safety issue.

Visual Damage

Sometimes, you may have to give your exhaust system a quick visual inspection to discover signs that an exhaust problem may be about to start. Under the hood, a quick look at the manifold may show you signs of an exhaust problem. Look for cracks or loose bolts which may occur due to increased vibration. Under the car, you will want to check the catalytic converter and exhaust lines and joints for any cracks or dents. If these parts are damaged on the outside, they are most likely damaged on the inside as well.


While carbon monoxide expelled from the car is odorless and dangerous, you can still notice a problem with the exhaust system from the other gases that escape out of your tailpipe. These gases have a very distinct odor, so if you notice a bad smell while the vehicle is running or while you are in the car, it is vital to get the problem checked immediately to avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Exhaust problems can not only lead to major repairs, but can be dangerous to your safety as well. If you notice the signs and symptoms listed above, take your vehicle in for an exhaust inspection immediately to avoid worse problems.

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